About how I work

I'd be happy to learn about your love story! Not only do I like getting to know you, I also adapt to your character to reflect your love through my images. 

I'm French and I'm living for elegance.
I've been a passionate professional photographer since 2018.
I'm covering weddings all over France and wherever you would like to take me abroad.
I shoot Canon because of its soft colors and my favorite portrait lens is the 85 mm 1.4 from Sigma Art Line.

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+ Coffee dates with my bestie, Amanda.
+ Morning walks with my furbaby, Jet, listening to podcasts.
+ Chips & queso on a friday afternoon with a cold margarita.
+ Game nights with my husband, Jonathan, where I almost always win.
+ Spending weekends at my family's lakehouse at Lake Texoma.
+ Photographing amazing couples who are so in love and ready to take on life together!

Some of my favorite things:

I'm Aude

my process

As a wedding photographer, I'm not only cliking on my camera to seize moments, I'm also here to help you create the best shooting conditions of these moments. 

What I particularly like in taking pictures is your smiles! Most of the time, "fine art" wedding photography is associated to serene, but also melancholic faces. I, for certain, do not conceive your wedding photos without you laughs and smiles, because they reflect the joy of your big day. It is thus necessary for me to capture you as you burst into laugh, and smile tenderly.

As a once were bride myself, I know how wedding pictures matter to you. My passion is to create these pictures for you, so that you may look at them with emotion tomorrow just as in decades from now.

You will find in me a passionate person: I am fond of beautiful love stories, and am fascinated by wedding photography. I see every couple story as unique, and it is important to me to translate it in its authenticity. Taking pictures of you is not only discreetly capturing moments of your big day. It is first and foremost getting to know you, knowing what means a lot to you, so as to transcribe it in photography.

My Philosophy in Wedding Photography

Taking pictures of your wedding
just as if it were my own

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I provide numerous thoroughly edited pictures in your gallery, so as to document in the best way your wedding day. Through my pictures, you will see the little and big moments again, as well as you will discover moments you've missed during the day.

A thorough editing

After your wedding

One of the reasons why it is so important that you get to know me and I get to know you prior to the big day is because along with your future life partner, I'm the person you're going to spend the most time with on your wedding day. I'll be following you through each step, capturing all your emotions in the most beautiful way.

At your side through the day

On D-Day

As I wish to help you create the best shooting conditions on your wedding day,  I'll call on my expertise to advise you on many points about the wedding configuration. But I'm also a good team partner. I'll be working with the wedding planner to  schedule the day in the most realistic way to create an ideal shooting program.

Advising you

Prior to your Wedding