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All the moments of
your wedding day

I provide numerous images in a wedding gallery, enabling you to remember the moments you lived during that day, and to discover the ones you'd missed.
I edit pictures in about a month for full day weddings – slightly more during high peak season.
All the pictures I deliver are in full HD – for enlarged prints –, stocked in an online private gallery for 6 months.

I am a dedicated wedding photographer, which means I will do everything I can to take the most beautiful pictures of your wedding day. This goes through numerous pieces advice ahead of the wedding, to ensure the best shooting conditions.
I am also a trustful person, as you can be assured that I will seize all the important moments, as much as the less important ones, of your big day.
I am an artist with a sharp eye. I provide advanced editing and leave no defect in my pictures.

what to expect when You Choose me

I generally advise a minimum of 2 hours for a photoshoot in Paris, but we can also do a 1-hour shoot (depending on my schedule of the chosen period). The ideal duration for a full photoshoot in Paris' best spots is 3 hours – it basically lets us time to cover Eiffel Tower, Pont Alexandre III, and Louvre/Palais Royal.
IMPORTANT INFORMATION: as of 2024, I advise against a 3-hours shoot in Paris, as most of the city's traffic will be blocked. The best is to take up for 2 hours at Louvre/Palais Royal so as to cover everything on foot.

Investment Begins at €400

Day After/Photoshoot

Bespoken services, based on your needs for a day. For a Saturday or Sunday of high season, I work for a minimum of 8 hours. For any other day or outside high season, I adapt to your wedding's schedule.

Investment Begins at €3200 for a full day



Have another one for me? I'd love to hear from you! Just click below to inquire.

5. How are the photos delivered to us?

They are put at your disposal in a private gallery, in a .jpeg format, and in high quality. You may share the pictures of the gallery with your family, friends, mark your favorites... A code enables you, as well as your guests, to download the whole gallery.

6. Do you sell photo books or prints of our wedding pictures?

I do provide the optional service of photo book editing. The photo book is printed by a professional laboratory located in France. It is made of high-end paper. Its cover is rigid and soft, and the binding is of good quality. The pages are made of 720-gr photographic paper, with a glossy or silken touch – up to your choice. You choose the format of the photo book. Other photo book options are available. I also offer prints of various sizes.

7. We do not speak French, will we be able to communicate?

I speak fluent English and Chinese. So if you speak either of these two languages, then there will be no problem at all.

1. Where do you work?

Everywhere! I share my time between Paris and Bordeaux, but I have always enjoyed traveling a lot. I would be happy to follow you anywhere in France, and even more abroad. 

2. We like you pictures but we dislike posing, how can you guide us so that we do not get bored?

One should not confuse "posing" and "being frozen". During my photo shoots, you pose, but the results is not "frozen", since the rendering will still be natural. During the shoots, I talk to you, but I mostly ask you to talk to each other, et avoid looking at me. Photo shoots are moments when you will be more be seeing each other than seeing me. Besides, I will know how to guide you so that the pictures are quickly taken. We then go on the next picture, and you do not get bored!

3. How much time do you take to deliver the wedding photos?

I make a point of delivering the photos in the coming month and a half after the wedding. Sometimes the delays are shorter. It depends on the time of the year when your wedding is taking place.

4. How many pictures do you deliver?

Each wedding is unique, and some events have more to show than others, but usually for a 10-hour photo coverage, count 600-800 pictures. For a 3-hour photoshoot, count about 200-250 pictures.

frequently Asked Questions